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The HyperDoc Handbook (Online Book Study)
Monday, July 13, 2020
Topic: Behavior & Climate
Sponsored by: ESC-CC
Presenter(s): Stephanie DeMichele, Instructional Technology Consultant, ESC of Northeast Ohio
If you’re looking for the perfect “package” for online learning, then HyperDocs are here to save the day! Instead of replicating a teacher-directed model of learning, a HyperDoc unifies all the components (and more!) of a traditional learning cycle into one single document. More than a webquest, a HyperDoc involves students in pursuing learning by providing for self-paced learning, less direct instruction, the inclusion of multimedia, and enhanced opportunities for creation and collaboration. During this four-week course, we will cover a different topic around the power of digital lesson design, including: pedagogy, how to create HyperDocs, lesson study, and benefits of connecting with an online sharing community. 
This class is self-paced via Google Classroom; you may work through the assignments to fit your schedule. The instructor will be available for questions via email and a virtual help desk provided to you at the start of the class.  In addition, since this is a cohort-based class, the instructor and participants will be interacting with each other via the Classroom comments section and via collaborative Docs. Once you have completed the session, you will receive a certificate of completion and the option to apply for graduate credit through Ashland University.
Audience: Educators and other interested participants
This event is open to the public.
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Program Cost: None 
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Registration Deadline: 7/13/2020
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Professional Development Contact Hours: 1.0 
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Participants in The HyperDoc Handbook (online book study) will have the option to purchase 1 semester hour of graduate credit, at a reduced rate, from Ashland University.  Information and additional details will be provided during the course.
Participants will need to purchase the book   HyperDoc Handbook

For Information Call: Mary Pramik
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