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The ESCs virtual workshops
Intro to Flipgrid Webinar
Intro to Book Creator Webinar
Introduction to Screencastify
Intro to Edpuzzle Webinar
Intro to Google Classroom Webinar

Creation and Collaboration 
Formatives that are Fun and Informative 
How do I teach them through a screen
Lessons Learned from Quarantine 6-1-2020 
Lessons Learned from Quarantine: How to Prioritize Instruction 6-2-2020 
Lessons Learned from Quarantine: Assesment & Feedback 6-3-2020
Making Sense of Now... Before Covid (BC)and After Covid (AC) Lessons Learned from Virtual Leadership 5-18-2020
Math Discourse 6-4-2020 
PBL 101 6-9-2020 
Student Engagement 5-19-2020 
Urban Youth, Anxiety, and Strengthing Resilience 4-9-2020
Video Tools to Connect with your Students