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Vision, Mission, Goals


Our vision is lifelong success for our students.

  • Lifelong – we recognize that making a difference now has impact on the rest of a student’s life.
  • Success – there is no single definition of success, but there is a definition for every student.
  • Our – we take responsibility for meeting every student’s needs.

Our mission is to improve the education of First Ring students by leveraging the collective capability of the First Ring Superintendents.
1. Essential Support
Development and implement essential supports (such as early childhood learning, student wellness, student onboarding) that are necessary because of issues related to race, poverty, and mobility to ensure that all students are able to thrive in our learning environments.

2. Advocacy and Awareness
Promote a compelling, fact-based portrayal of First Ring Districts and advocate for them to ensure that decisions are made that support a high quality education for our students.

3. Collective Impact
Utilize our collective knowledge and experience to develop innovative programs, increase operational efficiency, and leverage best practices.

4. Governance and Sustainability
Foster strict adherence to the implementation of the strategic plan through a collaborative FRSC culture and intentional methods of operation.