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Impactful Integration Network

Impactful Integration Network

The Impactful Integration Network is more than just collaboration, sharing, and support - we seek to make a true and meaningful impact in the digital lives of area learners.  We start with the essential question (How do we transform both culture and pedagogy when it comes to digital learning?) and then work together over the course of four one-day sessions to 

  1. explore currents trends
  2. Implement bulding/district action plans
  3. Build confidence in and command of digital learning
  4. Develop a capstone project showcasing growth and mastery.

We encourage grade, building, and district-level teams of teachers, instructional coaches, technology integration specialsists, curriculum directors, IT specialists and administrators to join us in advancing effective practices, supporting teachers, and making learning engaging for students. 

Contact Information

Stephanie DeMichele
Instructional Technology Consultant