Euclid Middle School Pen Pal Program Connects Students to Scientists Around the World

While it is rare for a 13 year old to mail a letter in 2023, students in Mrs. Rapsawich's 7th grade science class at Euclid Middle School are learning the importance of "snail mail." The students in her class are engaged in a program called "Letters to a Pre-Scientist," where they participate in a pen pal program with STEM professionals from around the world.

Recently, many of the students received responses from their scientist counterparts. Bryson, a student in Mrs. R.'s first period class got a letter all the way from London. Bryson's pen pal is a PhD student at Oxford University that studies earthquakes. Another student has been corresponding with a Speech Pathologist from New York University that is researching the human brain.

The Letters to a Pre-Scientist (LPS) program started in 2010 with the goal of connecting students with STEM role models to widen their understanding of STEM careers and seeing the opportunities that are available. The program continues to use "snail mail" because it is low cost, accessible worldwide, and a unique way to facilitate human connection.

LPS matches students with STEM professionals using student interests and hobbies to ensure that the students are able to form a meaningful connection with their scientist while creating an engaging and authentic learning experience.

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