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Advanced Word Study/CANCELLED
Friday, September 15, 2023
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This one-day virtual training focuses on
teaching advanced word study so students
can spell and read multisyllable words in
any subject. Beginning in grade four, after
students have developed knowledge of
letter-sound correspondences and basic
decoding skills in the primary grades, they
need to learn how to combine those skills
with knowledge of syllable patterns,
syllable division principles, and morphology
(roots, prefixes, suffixes) to read accurately
unfamiliar multisyllable words.

Participants in this training will learn in
instructional practices for teaching
advanced word study skills that combine
knowledge about both the sound-spelling
correspondences and the meaning units
(morphemes) that make up most English
words. This is essential for reading beyond
grade 3 because both sound and meaning
are used when representing words in print,
especially multisyllable, academic words
that are derived from Latin and Greek.

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Advanced Word Study