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Intro to Quality Formative Assessments and Connections to Virtual Lesson Planning and Delivery
Monday, June 22, 2020
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 Presented by: Kathy Clingerman Dann


 Quality formative assessments before, during and after instruction informs instruction as well as assists the educator in providing feedback to students.  Formative assessment in a virtual environment can be challenging however its importance remains for both educators and students.  The ESC of Northeast Ohio’s Educator Quality Department offers an introductory session to examine the keys to quality assessment and strategies that teachers can use when planning and implementing instruction within a face-to-face classroom or virtual environment. Discussion and exploration of these strategies that includes formative assessment within the virtual environment will be included within this session.


Participants will:


=       Understand five keys to quality assessment,

=       Understand how to incorporate seven strategies of assessment for learning,

=       Consider concrete examples of formative assessment in the classroom and virtual environments to incorporate into their practice,

=       Apply keys to quality assessment and strategies of assessment for learning to the classroom and virtual environment.


Registration Information and Link

=       Session Date and Time:  June 22nd.  12:30 -1:45 pm

=       Individual registration is required through the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio.

=       Click here to register

=       There is no registration fee required.


Please contact Kathy Clingerman Dann at [email protected]

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