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Special Education Profile Indicator Office Hours - Indicator 3 AASCD
Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Topic: Behavior & Climate
Sponsored by: ESC-CC
Participants are invited to attend technical assistance office hours with SST consultants to review and answer questions regarding SPP Indicator 3 AASCD. This session will be held via Zoom. Registration through Zoom is required.

Zoom Registration Link:

This event is not open to the public.
Location: Other
Registration Time:
Program Time: 2:00 PM and ending at 4:00 PM
Program Cost: None 
Make Check or PO Payable to: N/A
Registration Deadline: 2/2/2021
To Register:
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Graduate Credit:
Special Notes:
This is a virtual session. Registration is NOT done in STARS
Register in Zoom here:

For Information Call: Yvonne Daycak
[email protected]
Program Flyer:
SPP Indicator 3 AASCD