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MAP for HQSD-Winter Benchmark
Friday, January 20, 2023
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Teachers must use their two HQSD instruments in each of the four uses of data defined in the HQSD Guidance Tool. The sessions in this series will explore how NWEA MAP data can be used for HQSD. For each session, structured protocols will be provided to analyze MAP data; using the results of the analysis to meet student needs and improve practice. Guiding questions will be provided to support evaluators in guiding the discussion. These sessions are free of charge. The following sessions will be offered via Zoom. Please register for the session(s) of your choice: REGISTER FOR THE SERIES.

 Winter Benchmark 
One focus of analysis following the winter benchmark is to identify students achieving yet not growing, identify students growing yet not achieving, and identify students neither growing nor achieving. Another focus can be to use benchmarking data to inform projected proficiency on spring OST. This may also be the time to begin to reflect on teacher effectiveness as evidenced in MAP achievement and/or growth. These foci align with the following uses of data as defined in the HQSD Guidance Tool: 
Use of Data Alignment: Critically reflecting upon and analyzing available data, using the information as part of an ongoing cycle of support for student learning (Use of HQSD) 
Use of Data Alignment: Considering student learning needs and styles, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of an entire class as well as individual students (Planning Instruction for the whole Child) 
Use of Data Alignment: Measuring student learning (achievement and/or growth) and progress towards achieving state/local standards (Evidence of Student Learning) 

Friday, January 20th 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
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