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Quality Transition Planning
Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Topic: Behavior & Climate
Sponsored by: SST 3
Presenter(s): Angie Chapple and Robert Ross

The transition from youth to adulthood is a critical period for students with disabilities. During this period they must address questions such as, “How will I work or continue my education after I leave high school?” “Where will I live?” and “How will I spend my free time?”


Transition planning is a process where families, in collaboration with adult service providers, community

members and representatives from postsecondary environments work together to answer these questions and assist the youth to achieve his or her desired postsecondary outcomes.


This professional development will assist participants with:


· Creating quality transition plans for youth with disabilities by incorporating the essential elements into the transition planning process, including:

                - Age-appropriate transition assessments.

                - Preferences, interests, needs, and strengths of the youth.

                - Post-secondary goals and transition services.

· Utilizing a backward planning process to create a multi-year plan for transition-aged youth with disabilities

· Using the indicator 13 checklist to create a monitoring structure to ensure the implementation of the content of the transition plans.

· Using the content of the sessions and the modules to train others within schools, districts, and programs to ensure quality transition planning.

Audience:   All stakeholders for transition planning for youth with disabilities.
Preference given to Cuyahoga County
Location:   Other
Registration Time:   Registration @ 12:00 AM
Program Time:   12:00 AM and ending at 11:55 PM
Registration Deadline:   9/6/2022
PD Contact Hours:   12.0 
Graduate Credit:  
Special Notes:  
Register in OHID. Registrants must complete the module within 60 days of the month in which they registered. Preference to Cuyahoga County and cooperating SSTs.
For Information Call:   Shonte' Smith
[email protected]
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Quality Transition Planning