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Special Education Profiles Delayed
The 2019-2020 Special Education Profiles will be delayed and released in two phases. Every year, each school district receives a Special Education Profile displaying the district's performance on key indicators established by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The profile also informs the district of any required activities for specific indicators.

The Ohio Department of Education will release 2019-2020 Special Education Profiles in the following phases:

1.     Phase one is targeted for release in late March 2020. This phase will contain all indicators that may have required actions and detailed action
       steps, including:

a.     Disproportionality categories;
b.     Compliance indicators; and 
c.     Survey indicators.

2.    Phase two is targeted for release in late April 2020. This phase will add informational indicators to help districts with continuous improvement
       planning. These informational indicators do not have required actions.

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