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Career Exploration Videos

IT Summer Camp - June 2022
A three day workshop for high school students focused on the career of Information Technology (IT) and the 4Es (Education, Employment, Enlistment, and Entrepreneurship). Students developed skills for employability and lifelong success and engaged with interactive technologies.  They also participated in field experiences at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and Tech Elevator.

Valerie Gary, Diversity Admissions Officer, U. S. Merchant Marine Academy and Cmdr. Keith Watson, Diversity Admissions Office, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy talk about careers in IT and what the academy has to offer.

John G. Savage, Campus Director of Tech Elevator, talks about IT as a career path.  Tech Elevator guides, supports and leads people with zero coding experience into high-earning careers.


Westley Spears, Technology Manager at Polaris Career Center, talks about his path to a career in IT and gives advice for individuals who may be thinking about entering the IT field.

An E for Me Opportunity Fair - 
March 2022

Introduction and Ken Hannaman, Division Vice President of Arby's

Zach Zitney, about employment and entrepreneurship

OMJ Seal Requirements Presentation, Amy Harker

Navigating Barriers of Career Development

Writing Resumes - Usef Abdul Zahir, Nationwide HR

Manuel Gutierrez - Local 18 Ohio Operating Engineers Apprenticeship

Star Sherwood, Cuyahoga Community College Trainings  and Certifications

Sydney Young - Presentation on Construction

Intro to E for Me and Teresa Simmons, AWT Foundation - Apprenticeship

An E for Me Opportunity Fair - March 2021
A virtual fair for high school students focused on . . . 
Education and Training
Employment and Entrepreneurship
Enlistment and Service Careers
Military Panel - Airforce, Navy, Army and Marines - Amy Harker

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

Service Panel - Cleveland Firefighters, Cleveland EMS, Cleveland Police, and Ohio Highway Patrol.
From Entry Level to VP - Ken Hannaman, Division Vice President, Arby's

Interviewing Skills - Rich Thoma, Inspire Brands and Kim Francesangelo, Cedar Point

Promoting Rewarding Manufacturing Careers - Juliana Petti, Executive Director of Alliance for Working Together

Unlimited Summer Opportunities and Credentials - Toni Spikes and Caleb Hicks, Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal - Amy Harker, Northeast Regional Career & Innovation Specialist

Resume Writing Skills - Joe Criniti, Assistant Manager, Youth Opportunities Unlimited

The Importance of Developing Professional Communication Skills - Romona Robinson

Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) Education Training Programs - Starr Sherman