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Student Camps

ESC of Northeast Ohio Summer Camp for High School Students
Pathways Toward Success:  Traditional and Advance Manufacturing
June 21 & 22, 2023 for student entering grades 10, 11, and12.

ESC of Northeast Ohio 2022 Summer Information Technology (IT) Camp
From June 13-15, 2022, the ESC of Northeast Ohio hosted its first annual camp for high school students focused on Information Technology (IT) pathways and exploring IT in the 4Es (education, employment, enlistment, and entrepreneurship).  Students representing 14 districts learned from IT educators and IT experts about the educational pathways and preparation necessary for jobs in IT—from credentials, to bootcamps, to two- and four-year degrees, and on-the-job training. They learned about essential IT skills and roles, such as web or software development, network and computer systems administration, cybersecurity, data analysis, and about job opportunities in high demand in various sectors in our region. 
Participants had hands-on exploration of technologies with virtual reality apps for math education and block coding for drone flight. Site visits to TechElevator and with the CAVS IT team at Rocket Mortgage Field House allowed students to interact with IT professionals and observe how IT is integrated into professional settings.  
Future ESC camps focusing on in-demand jobs will explore healthcare, manufacturing, and retail and services industries.

Valerie Gary, Diversity Admissions Officer, U. S. Merchant Marine Academy and Cmdr. Keith Watson, Diversity Admissions Office, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy talk about careers in IT and what the academy has to offer.

John G. Savage, Campus Director of Tech Elevator, talks about IT as a career path.  Tech Elevator guides, supports and leads people with zero coding experience into high-earning careers.


Westley Spears, Technology Manager at Polaris Career Center, talks about his path to a career in IT and gives advice for individuals who may be thinking about entering the IT field.