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substitute teacher in hallwayAbsence Management

How can I stop receiving phone calls regarding jobs?
While it is our preference that call mode remains on, we understand that at times it may be necessary to adjust your personal call times. Click here for instructions on how to turn off your calling feature.

What should I do if I need to cancel an assignment?
In the event you need to cancel an assignment, please call the OSTS Service Department at 216.446.6787.  Please have the following information available: confirmation number, date, teacher, and building or district.

How can I use Absence Management on my phone?
Click here to read about the different app options available.
Click here for instructions on how to utilize Frontline’s mobile app.

How do I enter non-work days?
Non-Work days can be added from your Absence Management’s homepage.  Click here for instructions. Please keep in mind that Absence Management is not always “phone friendly”. If you are having trouble completing a task using your smartphone or tablet, please try again using a laptop or a desktop computer.

Where can I find additional training?
Click here for Absence Management FAQs for substitutes. 


Who do I talk to regarding pay disputes?
If you feel an error has been made, please contact Loren Cross in payroll at [email protected] or by calling 216.525.2517.

Where can I find the pay schedule?
The pay schedule can be found by clicking here.

If I am a retired teacher, do I still have to contribute to STRS?
Click here for more information from STRS. If you have additional questions, please contact Loren Cross in payroll at [email protected] or by calling 216.525.2517.

Why must a substitute contribute to STRS?    
As an employee of the Ohio public school system, your earnings from this position are not covered by Social Security. Licensed Ohio public school employees are required to be members and contribute to the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS Ohio). This includes substitute teachers.  For more information regarding STRS membership, please visit

If we are scheduled to work and there is a calamity day, do we get paid?
Calamity days are not considered paid days for substitute teachers.  Please be sure to check the district's website or your Absence Management account for important messages regarding closures.

Who do I contact with payroll questions?
Loren Cross                   [email protected]                216.525.2517              
Leslie DeDauw              [email protected]            216.525.2518

Operational Procedures

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding initial paperwork/activation, licensure, training, background checks, or renewal paperwork?

If you sub in Cuyahoga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, and Summit Counties:
Capri Blasco                [email protected]               216.810.2232
Cari Wiley                    [email protected]                   216.279.0824

If you sub in Belmont, Coshocton, Guernsey, Jefferson, Monroe, and Tuscarawas Counties:
Allison Rice                 [email protected]                 740.695.9773 x 8401
Nanette McFadden     [email protected]    330.308.9939 x 8210

If you sub Columbiana County:
Robin Frank                 [email protected]                 330.424.9591 x 125

Who do I contact with employment verification questions?
Loren Cross                 [email protected]                216.525.2517              
Leslie DeDauw            [email protected]            216.525.2518

Who do I contact if I am injured on the job?
Loren Cross                [email protected]                 216.525.2517              
Leslie DeDauw           [email protected]             216.525.2518

Who do I contact with personnel or employment matters?
Steve Rogaski            [email protected]              216.524.3000

Why are subs expected to cover extra periods(classes) during our free time?
When staff shortages occur substitute teachers may be asked to cover additional classrooms based on their availability. All OSTS substitutes are required to work the full teacher day as well as any additional classes as needed to help alleviate the lack of coverage.

Where can new substitutes find additional help?
All substitutes without a degree in education are required to take the online SubSkills course offered at However, this course is available to everyone. also has additional resources available for substitute teachers.

Why do I still get phone calls when I am in a long-term sub position?
There are many reasons this is happening. The biggest reason is not all of your accounts are linked together. If all accounts are linked, the system should recognize when you are not available and not call you.  Another reason could be that not all days of your long-term have been entered and assigned to you. A representative can help at any time with this problem. Please call the OSTS Service Department at 216.446.6787.

Why do some teachers have incorrect titles or grade levels?
We rely on the district to either change this information or to ask their representatives to do it.  If we do not know there is an error, we cannot correct it.  Please call the OSTS Service Department at 216.446.6787 to let us know so it can be corrected.

Will I be taken off the substitute list if I do not work a certain number of days?
If you know you are not able to work for any length of time, please enter them in as non-work days.  Sometimes, substitutes are deactivated if they never accept assignments.  The reason is the calling system is bogged down by calling subs who have no intention of working. It helps the system to skip over you if you have the non-work days entered. If you are deactivated in a district you want to sub in, please call the office to be reactivated.

Can there be an explanation for the job other than something like IRSGIT or IS?  
This is typically defined by the district.  We do not interfere with how a district tracks its employees.  Teachers are encouraged to leave notes/lesson plans for a sub when they plan to be out to help explain what they do. However, if their absence is a result of a last-minute absence, this is not always possible.