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Be the father you want to be!

At Bright Beginnings, we believe in celebrating the invaluable role that fathers play in the lives of their children. 

Extensive studies have shown that supportive fathers have a profound impact on their children's well-being and self-confidence. By actively engaging with their children, fathers provide guidance, problem-solving skills, and encourage independence and exploration. But the importance of fathers goes beyond simply fulfilling these roles; they bring a unique element of FUN into their children's lives! From the earliest stages, even before birth, engaged fathers contribute positively to their children's development. Bright Beginnings recognizes and celebrates the immense power of fatherhood in shaping children's growth and success. 

Fatherhood Resources is an integral component of the Parent Support Department, celebrating the successes and addressing the challenges that men may face on their journey toward becoming the kind of father they aspire to be.

Are you a father or father figure with questions such as:

  • Is my child's development and behavior normal for his/her age?

  • How can I support my child's education and success in school?

  • What are age appropriate activities I can do with my child? 

  • What are effective methods of discipline?

Fatherhood Resources offers:

  • Connections to relevant resources to further impact the fatherhood journey
    • Getting the most of your money
    • Understanding how the law affects you as a father
    • Skill-building for a better job/employment
    • Coping with stress

  • Information to enhance the fatherhood experience including:
    • Solutions to common parenting problems
    • Support from a community of local fathers who share similar experiences
    • Books, movies, and podcasts that bring fatherhood experiences to life
    • Planning for future success personally and professionally

  • Events/activities for fathers and their families
    • Sporting events
    • Ideas for tasty food that kids will like
    • Museums, playgrounds, low-cost ideas for fathers, children, and families
    • Meet-ups with other parents

  • A father's perspective 
    • Improving connections to the people that I care about
    • Balancing time, work, and family
    • Men's health and fitness
    • Lifestyle (hobbies, fashion, inspiration)


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