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Lead Exposure in Children

Did you know that children in Cuyahoga County are impacted by lead at a rate doubling the national average? Lead can be found in dust, soil, water pipes, some household products, and especially in paint used in homes built before 1978. Children under six years old are the most vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can lead to damage to the brain and nervous system, resulting in learning and behavior problems, hearing and speech problems, and delayed growth and development.

Bright Beginnings Lead Services

Bright Beginnings provides a wide array of individualized services to caregivers and children in Cuyahoga County impacted by lead exposure. Services may include:
  • Lead-reducing techniques and supplies
  • Developmental screens and activities
  • Connections to lead-related resources
  • And much more...
All services aim to mitigate the impact of lead exposure on child development and support strategies to reduce lead exposure in the family home and community. 

Parent Support Lead Program for Children 3 to 5 Years of Age

The Parent Support Lead Program provides individualized services to families of children 3 to 5 with confirmed or suspected elevated blood levels.

Click below to learn more about the Parent Support Lead Program and complete an online referral form. 

Early Intervention for Children Birth to 3 Years Old

Children with elevated blood lead levels are automatically eligible for Early Intervention services.

Click below to learn more about Early Intervention. 


If you have additional questions, call 216.698.7500.

All of our services are voluntary and based on family needs, which may include a wide range of short and long-term service offerings provided to the family and child. 

Parents and caregivers can also join our online parenting support group to share resources and experiences.


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