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Our Curriculum Options

The following online curriculum providers, Lincoln Learning Solutions and Edgenuity, were chosen based on their exemplary successes in providing a high quality, easy to use educational platform with a variety of instructional options that can reduce district costs and retain foundation funds.

Lincoln Learning Solutions

The Lincoln Learning Solutions curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of every student grades K-12. We provide the equivalent of 180 days of instruction that can be completed at a student’s own pace. Core subjects include math, language arts, science, and social studies. Students can also choose from a wide range of electives. Each course uses online and hands-on approaches to accommodate different types of learners.

The Lincoln Empowered curriculum combines excellent instruction with hands-on discovery to engage students and keep them interested. Our blended learning approach allows students to apply what they learn to real-world situations. They can experience web investigations, lab experiments, PowerPoint presentations, videos, games, and more.

Lincoln Empowered students are able to communicate online with their teacher facilitators to ask questions, submit assignments, and receive feedback and grades. Our students also have the ability to connect with other students through email, discussion boards, and social networking.

Edgenuity has helped millions of students experience academic success and is committed to developing innovative courses that are grounded in the best research in online learning, neuroscience, educational psychology, and instructional design. The Ohio Online Learning Program looks forward to leveraging Edgenuity’s innovative online learning solutions in its ongoing efforts to help students achieve success.

The virtual courses will include all of the following features:

- Virtual courses will utilize Edgenuity’s award-winning curriculum, which meets both Common Core and state standards and is designed to fully engage and challenge students through rigorous content delivered by interactive, media-rich instruction.

- Highly qualified, state-certified virtual teachers will instruct, remediate, motivate, and proactively communicate with students.

- Qualified Concept Coaches will provide on-demand tutoring and engagement to ensure students’ questions are addressed in a timely manner, while Edgenuity’s Success Coaches will provide an additional layer of support for students who are enrolled in virtual courses full-time.

- First-time credit semester courses have a 19 week enrollment term period; credit-recovery semester courses have a 9 week enrollment term period.

- OOLP Student Learning Advocates will continue to provide support to students and district personnel. 


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