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student on computer"I have used Lincoln Learning for a year and a half. I have taken 17 classes. All of my classes were easy to comprehend. I learned a lot of new things from each class. One of the great things that I liked about Lincoln Learning was that every lesson could be read aloud by the computer. This was tremendously helpful in my situation.  If the traditional school environment is not for you and/or you are physically unable to attend school, then Lincoln Learning is the perfect solution for you. Lincoln Learning is an alternative education service that can easily be accessed on the computer."
- Student

"Lincoln Learning is a comprehensive on-line learning program that is user friendly and student centered.  In the past year I have worked with Lincoln Learning on credit recovery and found the courses, teachers, and administrators to be first class.  If there is every need for clarification on course work or what a student needs to complete during the course there the staff at Lincoln Learning always respond in a timely manner with the information needed.  I would recommend Lincoln Learning to any school looking into adding an on-line option to their curriculum."
- Social Studies Teacher, Copley High School

"Since Ian turned 18 at the beginning of the school year, legally he could have made his own decision as to whether he wanted to complete high school or not.  I really thought we would not be making commencement plans, as he didn't seem to be too concerned that he may not be finishing high school.  I was afraid he was giving up and wasn't thinking things through clearly.  He was not considering, long-term in his life, what it would mean to not have a high school diploma.  At first I was a little skeptical when Mrs. Smith offered online classes.   I just didn't want it to be a daily struggle to get him to do his school work.  Well, fast forward to March and I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out for Ian.  I saw him change from a kid who seemed so unmotivated and disinterested in school to one that enjoyed it and who actually created personal goals to complete the assignments.  He would write his goals on his whiteboard in his room and he would stick to it, too.   He preferred to work on his assignments later in the evening.  Often times I'd wake up the next morning, to a message from Ian letting me know of yet another completed assignment.  The number of times I had to remind him to complete his assignments were far and few. I think as he started getting into his classes and realized that he was capable of doing the work, the stress of school lifted off of him.  He was sharing his grades with me one evening - he actually said to me that he was smart.  I was happy that he was feeling confident and finding a way to get through a phase of his life that seemed close to impossible only a few months earlier.  This whole experience has done wonders for getting his confidence back.  Thank you for your support during this whole process.  You made the transition from traditional school to online learning very easy and seamless.  One week he was at traditional school and without really missing too much time, he was up and running with online learning.  This was definitely the correct decision.   I'm so glad it worked out and that we're now making plans to watch him receive his diploma."
- Parent

"This program has given many of our students the opportunity to engage in meaningful lessons and classes when the traditional school environment has not been the best fit for them. I have been very pleased with the communication and support offered to my students enrolled in this program."
- Teacher, Berea High School

boy at computer"The Ohio Online Learning Program has been an absolute blessing to my son.  My son was struggling in public school due to different challenges. The teachers always check in with my son and copies me on the emails. I’m updated weekly by the Student Learning Advocate, Alexa.  I can send an email in the evening or on weekends and she responds.  All of these different things play an instrumental part with my son’s success.  Thank you Ohio Online Learning Program in all you do."
- Parent 

"I'm thankful the Ohio Online Learning Program is available as an option to students in our district. We have students that sometimes just need to be online for a semester for something like medical reasons, and others that just find more success with an online setting.  While in this program, students remain in our school district and on our caseload. The home school counselor chooses their classes, and can monitor their progress (including details about grades and attendance) 24/7.  Students and parents love that they are still working towards our high school's diploma and can continue to participate in all of our district's athletics, activities, dances, and Commencement program.  I love the Ohio Online Learning Program because there is an incredibly quick turnaround from when I complete the enrollment registration online to when they are contacted with enrollment and class information. There is at least one person to oversee the student's overall progress and attendance in all of their classes, as well as individual teachers for each class. The staff at Ohio Online are amazing with communication and reach out to students who are struggling. They keep the home school involved and up to date with any concerns.  Our district has worked with other online providers, and the Ohio Online Learning Program is by far the best!"
~ Administrator, Berea High School

“We use Lincoln Learning for our students who are in need of credit recovery or alternative course options.  Many of our students find success with the credit recovery classes, and the learning advocates at Lincoln do a great job at contacting the students, parents, and counselors with information regarding students’ progress."
- Guidance Counselor, Copley High School

"Working with the team at Ohio Online Learning Program has been an incredible benefit to our boys and family.  Online school is a team effort from the student, the parent(s), teachers and advocates.  The team and teachers have been available to guide us and encourage us as we learned how to navigate on line school.  Our boys have thoroughly enjoyed their experience with Ohio Online Learning and have flourished as students.  Ohio Online Learning has allowed us the flexibility to work at a comfortable pace, spending more time on difficult concepts and more quickly on review concepts.  We as a family, highly recommend Ohio Online Learning for the student who needs a different avenue to the traditional school setting."
- Parent
parent with student
"We have been using Ohio Online/Lincoln Learning for several years now. It has been a prefect alternative for students who have different educational needs due to a health condition, an issue within the building, those who otherwise may not graduate, and other circumstances such as scheduling conflicts. I have found all of the Student Account Managers to be incredibly helpful, friendly, flexible, responsive and they ease the minds of parents who are embarking on this journey. The communication between families and them and between them and me has been tremendous.  I am proud we can offer this option in our district for students that traditional school doesn't work. In this competitive environment of private, charter and online public schools, the ability to offer a non-traditional environment has been instrumental. Ohio Online allows us to meet the needs of our varied learners while also keeping our students enrolled in the district, giving families the best of both worlds."
- Director of Curriculum, Strongsville City Schools

"Ohio Online Learning Program has been a joy to work with on a professional level.  All instructors that I have worked with have been amazing and follow through with their students.  They keep me on my toes and I appreciate so very much."
- School Counselor, Berea-Midpark High School

"Ohio Online Learning Program has been so valuable in helping our students "catch up" to graduate on time. As a high school counseling team, we are always trying to find ways that our students will be successful.  We believe having a learning advocate for the students goes a long way and is a major selling point for parents.  They know that their child is not in it alone."
- Counselor, North Royalton High School

"I SWEAR one of the things I love working with Ohio Online Learning Program for, is that you take a suggestion and "hear" me and help me so very much! THANK YOU! This is exactly what I meant! EXACTLY! Best staff anywhere!"
- Counselor, Independence High School

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