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Start Now! 2023-2024 School Year with Ohio Online Learning Program. Students get ready to have the best of both worlds!
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Welcome to Ohio's Premier K-12 Online Education Program

The Ohio Online Learning Program is a fully virtual online program that school districts can purchase for their students in grades K-12 with courses that encourage excitement and creativity in the areas of math, science, reading, writing, social studies, world languages, wellness and visual arts.
Our K-12 online learning program gives students the opportunity to return to their home districts to earn a local diploma and participate in district sports and extracurricular activities. It’s the best of both worlds. Students can be a part of their local schools while learning online at home.
Did you know that districts are losing a substantial amount of funding because of students attending charter schools or being home-schooled in their district?  With this program, the economic benefits for districts are significant and the additional options for students provide previously unavailable opportunities. 
Our online learning program curriculum providers have received accreditation from AdvancED which reinforces their efforts to achieve and maintain organizational quality. There are more than 300 online courses, including AP, Honors, advanced CTE, and Credit Recovery that are designed to support students in mastering the standards and be successful in college and future careers.
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 Contact Us: 6393 Oak Tree Blv. Cleveland, OH 44131 Phone:2169014213 - Ohio Online Learning Program

What Will Remote Learning Look Like For My Child?

Parents...We are here to support your child as they navigate their remote learning experience.  We understand that this is new for many students and families, and you have many questions.  CLICK HERE to download information to get your started and answer your questions.

A Dynamic Virtual Classroom With the Ohio Online Learning Program

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Our students experience a dynamic virtual classroom through the use of teacher videos, audio stories, and interactive games and lessons. By combining these online activities with various hands-on elements like experiments and art projects, our students receive a complete and fulfilling educational experience.

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