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Student Recognition

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Exemplary Student Work

Student: Aliyeah Lozado
Course: Digital Photography
Description: Exploring focal lengths and different modes on a digital camera.
Fantastic slide show exploring different uses of digital photography! 
Student: River Stepp
Course: AP Literature
Description: Excerpt from student's essay response. Expertly written and scored 100%!
AP Literature example student writing 
Student: Kendall, 8th grader
Course: Science 8 Lab
Description: Examine how the slope of a race track effects the speed of an object moving along the race track.  This was a virtual lab, but Kendall and her family went above and beyond to conduct their own experiment!
race track effects picture 
Student: Brady Sherman
Course: 3rd Grade Social Studies and Science
Description: (Image 1): In 3rd grade Social studies students were asked to show their understanding by creating a 3-dimenstiuonal timeline depicting the rise and fall of many civilizations including the Olmec, Maya, and Aztec.   After completing the timeline students were to use art supplies to construct 3-D models depicting each society and using them as beginning and ending dates.

Description (Image 2): In 3rd grade English students were to use a Venn diagram as a graphic organizer to show the similarities and differences in 2 articles, “Rain Forests: Nature’s Pharmacy,” and “Saving the Rain Forests.”  After sorting out their ideas, students were to create a poster depicting the similarities and differences between both articles.

Creative and colorful! Great job, Brady!
third grade social studies and science project picture 
third grade social studies and science project picture 

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