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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ohio Online Learning Program a school?
No. Ohio Online Learning is a program offered through participating school districts that allow students to take classes in an online platform while remaining a student of their home district.

How do you enroll and who is eligible?
Students who are interested in the Ohio Online Learning Program should contact their district of residence for enrollment. Generally, if students are not currently enrolled, they must re-enroll in their district of residence and provide all necessary documentation. Students then meet with a district counselor for course selection to ensure all coursework is consistent with graduation requirements.

As an online learning platform may not be appropriate for all students, program eligibility may vary by district. Inquire within your district of residence to determine if your learning style is suitable for the program.

May students participate in sports and other district sponsored extracurricular activities?
Yes. Generally, students are eligible to participate in sports and other district sponsored extracurricular activities while enrolled in the program. Please inquire within your district of residence for eligibility criteria as it may vary by district.

What kind of academic assistance and support is available?
All students are assigned a Student Learning Advocate (SLA) who assists students from the time of enrollment until they complete or withdraw from the program. They are responsible for ensuring all students understand how to navigate the curriculum, communicate with instructors, and submit assignments along with a host of other things. SLAs work with students, parents, and district personnel in coordinating all support necessary for each student. This unique arrangement allows for support and interventions to be individualized for every student.
Teacher facilitators are available via email and during weekly office hours to provdie students with live tutoring on course topics and assistance with assignments. Students may also arrange mutually agreed upon times for sessions with their instructors.

Do students receive a computer?
Chromebook and printer/scanner can be rented upon approval of the district.

Are students able to work at their own pace?
Yes. The award winning Lincoln Learning Solutions and Odysseyware curricula is asynchronous and allows for students to work at their own pace. There are not set class times that a student must be log in. However, coursework must be completed within timeframes determined by each participating school district.

Are teachers highly qualified?
Yes. All instructors are highly qualified teachers.

Is there a cost associated with the program?
Yes.  In most cases, districts will purchase courses for their students, but there are situations in which districts may require students/parents to pay out-of-pocket.

What about report cards and grades?
Students enrolled will receive report cards through their district of residence upon completion of their courses. Parents and students can monitor academic progress on an ongoing basis throughout their enrollment as well.

How are state mandated tests administered?
Ohio Online Learning Program coordinates with participating districts on making arrangements for students enrolled to sit for mandatory state tests. Students may be required to report to their district of residence during specified timeframes when these tests are administered.

How can I learn more about the program?
To find out more and whether your school district is a partner in the program, call 216-901-4213. 

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