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Family and Community Engagement

State Support Team Region 3 recognizes that family and community are the core of a child’s well-being and school success. We offer direct support to district and community school leadership teams, as well as resources and information for families.

SST3 supports districts and community schools in Cuyahoga County to participate in family and community engagement work in various ways: 
  • Participating in the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement workgroup
  • Maintaining the Summer and Beyond Directory  (the updated 2023 directory will go live at the end of February 2023)
  • Celebrating the Excellence in Education 
  • Maintaining the Parent Mentor directory for districts
  • Collaborating with our regional and statewide partners.  
SST3 also participates in research projects surrounding best practices for districts in engaging families specific to literacy outcomes as well as school improvement outcomes.

Contact Information

Terri McIntee, M.A.
State Support Team Specialist
Patti Porto, M.A., CCC-SLP
State Support Team Consultant
Shonte Smith
State Support Team Administrative Assistant