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Special Education

Special Education

Special Education

State Support Team 3 (SST3) supports school districts to:
  1. Improve the academic achievement of students with disabilities and those who are at risk of being identified as eligible for special education;
  2. Meet the state and federal requirements for educating students with disabilities; and 
  3. Participate in the self-review process for the Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children’s special education on-site reviews.
SST3 also provides resources to assist families of students with disabilities to actively engage in their child’s education. Collaboration among agencies that support students with disabilities and their families is facilitated by SST3.  

Best Practices for IEP and ETR

photo image of a website header that reads Best Practices for IEP and ETR.

SST3 has created a web-based resource to support schools and districts in using best practices for IEPs, ETRs, and systemic improvement related to special education.  This website contains five sections that address common special education needs.  Each section breaks down those needs into “mini modules” that districts can use with their staff based on their own data. 

SST3 also offers a three-day series, IEP/ETR Best Practices, using these resources. See our Professional Development Calendar for more information.

Contact Information

Angie Chapple, M.Ed.
State Support Team Consultant

Lindsay Slater, Ed.D.
State Support Team Assistant Director
Shonte Smith
State Support Team Administrative Assistant