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21st Century Learning

The Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio supports innovative, student-centered approaches to teaching and learning that are transforming public education. With best practices in 21st Century Learning, students acquire the skills, content knowledge, expertise, and literacies they need to succeed in work and life.
The ESC supports districts through programs and networks focusing on the following:  
Personalized Learning 
The ESC supports professional development for educators and the implementation of best practices within districts as they employ various pedagogical methods for personalized learning. Workshops and in-services are provided for problem-based and project-based learning, blended and hybrid methods, flipped classrooms, credit flex, and other frameworks.
Assessment and Accountability 
The ESC supports federal and state assessment and accountability requirements, providing training for district administrators and educators. It participated in the Ohio performance assessment pilot and leads a consortium of districts engaged in the implementation of performance-based assessments.  
Global Education and Engagement 
Rapidly shifting global trends- economic, cultural, technological, and environmental- call for a generation of individuals who can engaging effective problem solving an participate in local, national, and global civic life.  The ESC of Northeast Ohio offers professional development training in global literacy that provides content knowledge and skills development for creating a globally-focused curriculum.  Programs explore cultural competencies, methods for developing global awareness, historical and contemporary world events, exploration of cultures through the arts and literature, and interdisciplinary connections. 

Resources for Global Education:

Ohio Department of Education
World Languages and Cultures

The Ohio State University Area Studies Centers
Fulbright Teacher Exchanges Program

Nadine Grimm, M.A.
Coordinator of 21st Century Learning
ESC of Northeast Ohio
[email protected]  
216-901-4243 (Office)
216-901-4249 (Fax)