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College and Career Readiness and Innovation

The Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio is leading the way in being a connector of information and work efforts which facilitates the alignment of the work of many stakeholders. Collaborating with high education institutions, the Ohio Department of Education, the Office of Workforce Transformation, Chamber of Commerce as well as local businesses, agencies and nonprofits, we strive to make connections, provide support and resources, and create innovative programming for school districts in our region. 

Part of being Career Ready means that students are taught to be design thinkers and problem solvers. The ESC of Northeast Ohio has resources and professional development to build skills in educators that will lead students to have a strong foundation in transferable skills that will help them be successful in any career of their choice. 

Services Offered: 

On-Going In-District Professional Development, Coaching Support and Presentations 
  • Culture and Leadership System Training - R Factor Training - Focus 3 
  • Leadership Skill Training and Support 
  • Future Thinking and Vision Planning (KnowledgeWorks) 
  • Personalized Learning 
  • Using Future Ready Schools Framework 
  • Project and Problem-Based Learning 
  • Design Thinking and Learning 
  • Gifted Support 
  • Johns Hopkins High School Redesign Framework 
  • Intentionally teaching, measuring and evaluation Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration and Communication
Career Readiness Support, Coaching and Technical Assistance 
  • Career Advising 
  • Identification of Goals, Barriers and Action Steps for Strategic Planning 
  • Innovative Career Programming Design 
  • Credit Flexibility 
  • College Credit Plus 
  • Graduation Plans 
  • Facilitation of Professional Learning Communities 
  • Creating Comprehensive School Counselor Plans 
  • High School Redesign 
  • Developing Career Pathways 
  • Using National Clearinghouse Date 

In-District of Cross-District Community Relations to Build Career Readiness Skills 
  • Establishing Business and Community Partnerships 
  • Creating Authentic Experiential Learning Opportunities for Students 
  • Grant Writing Support 
  • Creating Collaboratives 

Costs for the professional development, consultation and embedded coaching services are determined on a case by case basis, depending on the district's needs.
Tippi Foley 
Career Pathways and Early Childhood Consultant 
ESC of Northeast Ohio

Nadine Grimm
Coordinator of 21st Century Learning
ESC of Northeast Ohio
Career Readiness Resources
School District Support Services