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EMIS Services

Education Management Information System (EMIS)

In 1989, the 118th Ohio General Assembly created Ohio Revised Code §3301.0714, which required the State Board of Education to “adopt rules for a statewide Education Management Information System” (EMIS). With the complexities of EMIS and its effects on school districts, it is important to encourage multiple staff levels to be aware and involved with the ever-expanding EMIS sub-systems. Whether your district would like to develop an aspiring EMIS professional or create an EMIS backup staffing plan, we have professional development options available.  Learning what it takes to be an effective EMIS Professional has been estimated to take at least three years of actively doing EMIS. The challenge to stay current and effective is ongoing.

Patience Moody Rush
ESC of Northeast Ohio
EMIS Academy 

Roni Staimpel
Project Specialist
ESC of Northeast Ohio