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Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Visually Impaired

Itinerant Teaching and Consulting staff provide direct instruction and technical/consultation services to children who are blind/visually impaired or deaf/hard of hearing students who attend a school district in Northeast Ohio. 

Audiological services include guidance, fitting, troubleshooting and maintenance of FM equipment, interpreting audiology reports and ETR writing for students with diagnosed hearing loss. 

  • 43 districts provided services by 8 teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and 2 audiologists. 
  • 400 plus Deaf/Hard of Hearing students served annually by a Teacher of the Deaf and/or Audiologist. 
  • 60 districts provided services by 8 teachers of the Visually Impaired and 1 Orientation & Mobility Specialist. 
  • 282 Blind/Visually impaired students served annually by Teachers of Visually Impaired and/or Orientation Mobility Specialist. 
  • Three endorsed CVI (Cortical Vision Impaired) trained Teachers of the Visually Impaired with 5 working on endorsement. 
  • Functional Low Vision assessments available to help modify classroom environments and make recommendations for appropriate adaptive devices and technology for students with visual impairments. 
  • Rehabilitation specialists work with students with visual impairments to improve skills in the expanded core curriculum. Services include consultation with classroom teachers to adapt lab, classrooms, equipment and to teach daily living skills. 
  • Braille and use of assistive technology taught by licensed Teachers of the Visually Impaired as required by the IEP. 
  • Certified Braillist and aides provide adaptive materials for students with visual Impairments so the core curriculum can be accessed.
Dana Lambacher 
Special Education Supervisor 
ESC of Northeast Ohio 
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Steve Rogaski, M.Ed.
Director of Human Resources & Pupil Services
ESC of Northeast Ohio
[email protected]
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