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Leadership Development

Bringing together a group of people with varying backgrounds, interests, agendas, and levels of commitment is no easy task. When it works, the energy is infectious, projects are propelled forward, and the community benefits from the dedication and momentum.   We can customize the service so that is specific to the nature and needs of your district.  

Here are just a few of our services:
  • Board Development and Retreat Facilitation
  • Board Recruitment and Development Plan
  • Change Management Planning
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Coordination of Shared Services
  • Document Management Support
  • Executive Search Services
  • EMIS Support
  • Focus3
  • Harrison Assessment 
  • Leadership Development
  • Provide tools and guidelines to charter, organize, and energize the most appropriate Board committees, including advisory ones.
  • Organizational Design
  • Professional Learning Communities for Superintendents, primary level Principals, middle-level Principals, high school Principals, and Assistant Principals
  • Principal Leaders Network
  • Provide coaching and resources to renew and restore a struggling Board
  • REAL 360 Surveys
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation and Management
  • Superintendent Professional Learning Community
  • Team Building
  • Technology Support
  • Train current Board members on the roles and responsibilities of Board members.
  • Train current Board members on the best practices in Board Operations.
  • Walk-Throughs
Russ Bennett
Director of Leadership Services
ESC of Northeast Ohio
[email protected]
216-901-4221 (Office)
216-524-3683 (Fax)

Dave Laurenzi
Director of Leadership Services
ESC of Northeast Ohio
[email protected]
216-524-4000 (Office)
216-524-3683 (Fax)

Patti Cleary
Director of Leadership Services
ESC of Northeast Ohio
[email protected]
216-524-4283 (Office)
216-524-3683 (Fax)