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Passport School Program

The mission of the Passport School Program, operated by the ESC of Northeast Ohio is to guide extraordinary individuals toward a future of hope and arrive at the right destination. The Passport School Program provides an entranceway to the tools, skills, strength, and courage needed to develop individual independence, all while showing honor and respect for each of its students.
Located at the Metzenbaum Center at 8200 Cedar Road in Chesterland, Passport School Program serves students ages 5-22 with multiple disabilities and significant medical needs in a separate facility providing intensive educational, behavioral, and medical programming. Specialists certified to work with children with multiple disabilities staff the classrooms. Each classroom can have up to eight students staffed with a minimum of one intervention specialist and a minimum of one assistant. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed for each child and reviewed quarterly. 

Classrooms have been designed to incorporate TEACCH methodology, although the school program utilizes a variety of methods, and incorporates community training opportunities. Occupational, physical, and speech and language therapists work with students, education staff, and families to facilitate services. Additional needed services include delegated nursing, a work-study coordinator, one-on-one attendants, and volunteers. Facilities include a gymnasium, vestibular room, multi-sensory room, adaptive swimming pool, large multi-purpose rooms, a fully accessible adaptive playground in the enclosed side yard, a picnic area with hiking trails, and a pavilion. 

Each student’s district of residence makes the student referral with the ESC of Northeast Ohio program director. School districts of residence pay separate tuition, therapies & transportation costs to the ESC of Northeast Ohio. Currently, 10 Ohio school districts are being served by the school program. 

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Passport School Program 
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