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The  Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio provides high-quality professional development opportunities to educators on scientifically-based research practices proven to improve the academic achievement of children and youth with disabilities and those at risk of being identified as disabled.

Our professional development activities include:   
  • Workshops with follow-up technical assistance
  • College-credit courses
  • Study groups
  • Distance-credit courses
The ESC of Northeast Ohio also provides learning and leadership opportunities on topics related to the education of children with disabilities for parents and caregivers through the Parent Leadership Council, and other specially designed learning opportunities.

Fall 2021 Professional Learning Opportunities:
What if we told you that in fifteen minutes (or less) you’d be able to walk away with a modern instructional strategy or idea that you could use with your students the very next day? Taking the most recent and best practical advice from today’s educational innovators, we'll discuss engaging ideas to make learning fun again.    
      How It Works:
         - Every other Wednesday, we go live via Zoom.
         - Sessions are offered multiple times on the same day for your convenience. recorded, and available on YouTube.
Click on the date to watch past Lunch & Learns:
If you can’t keep up with your Twitter PLN, we’ll do it for you! The Weekly Wrap-Up is a ten-minute show where we curate and cover the latest, the coolest, and the most innovative learning ideas of the week 
        How It Works:
           - Every Thursday, we'll record and upload to YouTube.
           - Sign up to be notified of weekly shows.
Click on the date to watch past weekly wrap-ups:
We take the most popular books in education--the books that you’ve been dying to read but have difficulty finding the time--and build in a structured support system so that you can go from learning about pedagogy to successfully applying it. 
       How It Works:
          - Read one book over the course of a whole semester, usually one chapter per week.
         - Attend a weekly virtual cohort coffee chat for collaboration, community, and brainstorming.
         - Provide a brief weekly reflection or artifact of learning
        Books: Blended Learning in Action, Balance with Blended Learning, Ungrading 

TL;DR is a common Internet acronym, means when translated: “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” And it identifies a common problem in education: we just don’t have the time. So, if you don’t have the time to read that book but still want to benefit from its wisdom nuggets, this just might be the thing for you.
        How It Works:
          -You don't have to read or even order a book. We’ll handle that part.
         -Check your inbox. We’ll “release” abridged lesson ideas and strategies that you can immediately apply to your teaching.
         Books: The Eduprotocol Field Guide, The HyperDoc Handbook, Google Apps for Littles 

Paula Kucinic, M.Ed.
Director of Professional Development & Technology
ESC Of Northeast Ohio 
216-901-4244 (office)
216-901-4249 (Fax)

Mary Pramik
Administrative Assistant
ESC of Northeast Ohio
216-901-4229 (Office)
216-901-4249 (Fax)