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Master Teacher

The Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio is pleased to offer the Master Teacher designation to our teachers who recognize excellence demonstrated within and outside of the classroom. The Master Teacher criteria focus on the following five areas as specified by the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession:

1. Consistent Leadership
2. Focused Collaboration
3. Distinguished Teaching – Focus on Students and Environment
4. Distinguished Teaching - Focus on Content, Instruction and Assessment
5. Continued Professional Growth

Teachers eligible for Master Teacher designation have:
  • Hold a valid professional license or certificate.
  • Have taught a minimum of 7 years.
  • Work a minimum of 120 days during the current school year.
  • Work under a teaching contract / employed as teacher.
Professional Benefits of Master Teacher designation include:
  • Eligibility for advanced teaching license
  • Professional development CEUs
  • Entry point for teacher leadership positions
  • Benchmark to strive for in a teaching career
Applicants are asked to complete Forms C, G and H. The application materials can be found at the ODE website . 
Melissa Adipietro