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At the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio, our mission is to serve the needs of the students and educational community by:

  • Supporting, collaborating, and partnering with local, regional, state, and national agencies and;
  • Providing quality leadership, products, programs, and professional services.


For nearly 100 years, Educational Service Centers (ESCs) have been making a difference in Ohio schools. Ohio's network of ESC's was created by statute to provide leadership and expertise to support and meet the customer-driven needs of school districts and the State of Ohio. Since 1914, the ESC of Northeast Ohio has been serving and supporting districts within Cuyahoga County and the Northeast Ohio region. As one of the largest agencies of its type in the State of Ohio, the ESC of Northeast Ohio prides itself on its ability to deliver cost-effective special education services, student programs, and cooperative endeavors, provide high-quality professional development, support the implementation of federal and state regulations and develop strong community partnerships.

The ESC of Northeast Ohio, as directed by Ohio law, directly serves the Cuyahoga Heights, Independence, and Richmond Heights Local School Districts.

The ESC of Northeast Ohio serves all other types of school districts for services of a multi-district nature. The Board and its administration are committed to service programs identified by school districts as being needed and valued. These services are fully funded by participating school districts.

The concept of a regional service center is supported and encouraged by the ESC of Northeast Ohio. The Board desires that all services be performed at a high level of performance and at a reasonable/competitive cost level.


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