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Gifted Education Services

Gifted Education Services

The Gifted Education Department of the ESC of Northeast Ohio acts as a resource in assuring compliance with current Ohio Legislation and ODE policies. A variety of services are available to districts requesting them to include some or all of the following:

  • Coordinate the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and plans for identified gifted/talented students as directed by the Board of Education and the Ohio Department of Education & Workforce

  • Assist district personnel in evaluating the strengths and opportunities for improvement of services for gifted children

  • Serve as a communication link between all buildings K-12 as it relates to the identification and delivery of services for gifted/talented students

  • Assist school personnel in the planning of assessment, testing, identification, service options, placement, and guidance of gifted children

  • Facilitate completion of the written education plan (WEP) for gifted students with teachers

  • Maintain required, accurate, and complete records of gifted identified and served

  • Complete and submit annual reports as required by ODEW

  • Facilitate development and implementation of academic acceleration and testing policies

  • Act as a liaison for parent advocacy groups

  • Provide consultation on curriculum development, teaching strategies, and appropriate materials for consulting teachers and classroom teachers in assisting gifted and academically able students

  • Provide qualifying gifted professional development opportunities for district staff related to the gifted competencies

  • Serve as liaison between the school district and gifted student activity opportunities sponsored by the ESC

Contact Information

Steve Rogaski, M.Ed.
Director of Human Resources and Pupil Services
[email protected]