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Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule

2022 - 23 Meetings
All meetings are held at the ESC Offices unless otherwise noted.

Meeting Dates and Times are subject to change.






Thurs.Organizational01/06/20228:30 a.m.In person
Thurs.Regular01/27/20228:30 a.m. In person
Mon.Regular 02/28/20228:30 a.m.In person
Thurs.Regular03/17/20228:30 a.m.In person
Tues.Regular04/26/2022 *8:30 a.m.In person
Thurs.Regular05/26/20228:30 a.m.In person
Thurs.Regular06/30/20228:30 a.m.In person
Thurs.  Regular07/28/20228:30 a.m.In person
Thurs.  Regular08/25/20228:30 a.m.In person
Mon. Regular09/19/2022 *9:30 a.m. **In person
Mon.Special - Work Session10/03/20222:00 p.m.In person
Thurs.Regular10/27/20229:30 a.m. **In person
Fri.Special - Work Session11/04/20222:00 p.m.In person
Thurs.Regular11/17/20229:30 a.m. **In person
Mon.Special - Work Session11/28/20222:00 p.m.In person
Thurs.Regular12/15/20229:30 a.m. **In person
Thurs.Organizational01/05/20239:30 a.m.In person
Thurs.Regular01/26/20239:30 a.m.In person
Thurs.Regular02/16/20239:30 a.m.In person
Thurs.Regular03/16/20239:30 a.m.In person
Thurs. Regular04/20/20239:30 a.m.In person

* = Revised Date
** = Revised Meeting Time