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Handle With Care

Handle With Care (A System Approach to Trauma)

The Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio, Student Wellness Department, has partnered with Ohio Handle With Care (HWC) to bring this trauma-informed, cross-systems initiative to northeast Ohio. HWC (A system approach to trauma) utilizes a collaborative strategy aimed at ensuring that children who are exposed to adverse events receive appropriate interventions and have opportunities to build resilience through positive relationships with teachers and first responders. Handle With Care aims to promote safe and supportive schools, homes, and communities that protect children, and communities that help traumatized children heal and thrive. 

Benefits of HWC:

  • Universal Strategy which benefits all children

  • Provides teachers with the supports they need to address trauma’s impact on learning

  • Looks at child’s behavior from a different perspective

  • Improves relationships, communication, and collaboration between law enforcement, schools/child care agencies, and mental health providers, and connects families, schools, and communities to mental health services.

  • Provides teachers with a heads up so they can provide care instead of a consequence 

  • Connects children with mental health services if needed

  • Training safeguards trauma-informed implementation and responses

  • Builds resiliency!


CLICK HERE to view the Handle With Care Flow Chart.

The ESC of Northeast Ohio Student Wellness Department offers the required training and assistance in the implementation of Handle with Care. Please contact us for a free consultation to determine what current needs exist in your building or district.

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Student Wellness Consultant
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