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Family Engagement within PBIS

Parents and caregivers are the ultimate experts on our students, and while it is not always a simple endeavor, engaging families as true partners within our schools can have a profound impact on student success.

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Garfield Heights City School District Celebrates Diversity

The Garfield Heights City School District is committed to creating and maintaining an environment which supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
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Autism Acceptance Month Resources from Dr. Paula Kluth.

In case you missed it, Autism Awareness month is more recently known as Autism Acceptance month. During the month of April, we can increase our efforts to raise and spread awareness, use language appropriate for autistic learners, focus on strengths, and spread kindness through inclusion support.

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Incorporating Sextortion into School Emergency Operations Planning

With advancements in technology and young peoples’ increased use of mobile devices, social media, and the Internet, it’s imperative that school district staff understand potential risks and dangerous outcomes. Sextortion is a growing form of child sexual exploitation that is tied to youths’ use of social media and data apps.

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