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Local Professional Development Committee & Forms

Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) 

The Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio's Local Professional Development Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving all Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP) and professional development activities that educators propose/complete for the purpose of licensure maintenance and renewal. The LPDC meets every second Tuesday of the month during the school year and does not typically meet in July and August.

All certificated employees are required to submit an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) outlining professional development goals for the current licensure cycle. The IPDP must be submitted to the committee within sixty (60) days of being hired and/or receiving the initial five-year professional license. Regardless of the number of licenses held individuals are only required to complete and submit one Individual Professional Development Plan. The plan must be revised at the beginning of each new licensure cycle. Annual workshops are held by the LPDC to assist educators in filing their plans and professional development activities with the committee.

Employees are encouraged to review the ESC of Northeast Ohio Local Professional Development Committee’s handbook.  Questions regarding the Local Professional Development Committee can be directed to Michele Shrefler.  

HB 438 

The Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio (ESCNEO) is pleased to welcome all educators not currently employed within a school/district to join the ESCNEO Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC). With the passage of House Bill 438, effective Sept. 28, 2018, licensed individuals who are not employed in schools/districts with a LPDC, may work to renew their licenses through a cooperating educational service center’s Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC). 

LPDC Manual 2020

 Michele Shrefler, M.Ed.
 Director of Educator Quality Programs
 ESC of Northeast Ohio
 [email protected]  
 216-901-4231 (Office)
 216-901-4249 (Fax)

            2021 - 2022 Members
Michele Shrefler, Chairperson
Melissa Adipeitro   ESCNEO
Carrie Cercone   EA 
Kathleen Clingerman Dann    ESCNEO
Kory Jalowiec   ESCNEO
Jeanne Kline   ESCNEO
Julie Lanigan   PEP
Jim Lucas   PEP 
Jen Napier  EA 
Kathlene Nowicki   ESCNEO
Candice Evans Vallo  ESCNEO
Amy Yoho   ESCNEO